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​​​​What is Roomswehave.com?

​It is an online booking site that provides a service for Host(s) to advertise their accommodation through our site and Guest find accommodation that meet his/her  requirements, for example price,length of stay, breakfast etc.


Hosts sign up

Advertise Accommodation- list their accommodation and identify, short or long term stay 

Two ID's (official- Passport valid or Driving license/ current bill  is needed

​Hosts pay annual membership fee of £35.00

Roomswehave.com match your Accommodation with the Guests requirements.


Guests sign up

A copy of 2 ID's is required

Accommodation is booked through roomswehave.com

Roomswehave.com acts as a "facilitator" for the Host and Guest,and provides the venue,(on line website), for Hosts and Guests to come together to create "their own agreements" for the use of the accommodation.

Once an agreement has been reached between both parties over the terms and requirements covering the length of stay and price through us,the guests are directed to pay the deposit between 10%  -20% depending on the length of stay,(or 25% for a group or more), of the overall booking fee to Roomswehave.com. The remaining balance of payment is made to the Host,upon arrival.

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