Our Mission

Everybody Matters


​Roomswehave.com is about promote and, strengthen , worldwide "Community Spirits"Whether it is through Heritage,Travel,Business or Studying.     Roomswehave is about changing the word can't to can. Giving people the opportunity to share experiences at a cost they can afford.

Roomswehave provides a platform for Hosts to advertise accommodation for short or long stay. Guests find a suitable, homely environment to stay that meet his or her requirements at an affordable price.

Roomswehave is about discovery,learning,sharing and having the opportunity to understand different cultural lifestyles.
Our mission is to continue connect and build communities
 worldwide, in order to change can't to can and improve people's lives.

"Everybody Matters"
Roomswehave.com is registered in England & Wales.

Roomswehave.com registered company number is 08317416.


Everybody Matters



It's Competitive Out There

Great ! Roomswehave.com thrive on competition,

Worldwide Travelling, and "Community Spirit "  

When I rented my first property from roomswehave.com, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.

E:​contact@roomswehave.com   T: +44(0)7904 204 490


Cut Above The Rest

Opening hours that suit Hosts & Guests.Promoting Heritage,Arts & Culture, Learning & Serving Communities,worldwide.

Tailor Made Services

We provide flexibility, personal care